How Can You Find the Best Word to Fit in a Sentence?


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Choosing the correct word that fits a sentence depends on knowing its exact meaning and grammar usage. Some types of words that can be problematic in sentences are verbs. Similar, there are writing mistakes when using words that sound alike but have different meanings, including there and their, due and do, threw and through and blew and blue.

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A common problem with sentence construction is the correct use of either a verb or its tense. An example is the proper use of the verbs lay or lie. If a person places an object down, the proper verb to use is lay, while the verb lie means to recline. Knowing this difference can help students use the best word to fit a particular sentence.

Another common writing mistake is using words, such as affect, effect, accept or except. If students know that the word accept is a verb, and except is a preposition, then these writing mistakes are avoided. The improper use of words that sound alike, such as the verb threw and the preposition through, is another mistake some students make when constructing a sentence.

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