How Can You Win a School Science Fair?


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Find a good mentor, think of an original idea and invest plenty of time into the project to win a school science fair, according to Amber Hess for Science Buddies. Choose an interesting and challenging topic, study essential theories, create an organized plan and examine the results of the experiment.

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How Can You Win a School Science Fair?
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Mentors help students organize their research, guide them in presenting data like a scientist and provide feedback and suggestions, explains Hess. If possible, work at a research institution with a mentor to gain firsthand experience in using professional lab facilities.

Produce original, creative research, as judges are likely to be impressed with new, innovative knowledge instead of projects previously done many times, says Hess. Top science fair participants typically explore new topics and possibilities. Select a particular topic, and study as much information as possible about it. It is crucial to understand accurate background information and identify valuable concepts that explain the outcome of the experimental results.

Science fair projects require a lot of time, so students should be persistent and motivated to finish the experiment, notes Hess. Work hard to improve the methods used when problems occur. Record and organize notes, procedures and results in a lab notebook, and include an organized plan of daily activities. Finally, analyze the results, and write thorough explanations about them.

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