Where Can I Find Weather Season Worksheets for Children?

Free weather and season worksheets for each grade are available on the Education.com website. Additional worksheets can be found on the JumpStart educational toy company's website.

Children begin learning about weather and seasons as early as preschool. The topics can be presented to them in many different ways, including through drama, dress-up, coloring worksheets, in books and through cut and paste boards. Initially, children are introduced to the different types of weather and the four seasons. As they grow, further concepts are presented, such as animal adaptation to season change and types of snow, along with cool-weather and warm-weather crops.

There is abundant literature on weather and weather-related natural disasters for children to discover. Hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes and tsunamis are major natural disasters that many children have already been exposed to, whether through the media or from first- or second-hand experience. Reading about the weather and seasonal weather-related topics encourages both literacy and an interest in science. Fifth grade is usually the time that global warming and recycling is discussed and children can begin charting climate change across the globe.

Careers in weather include atmospheric research, meteorological technology development and support, forensic meteorologists, weather forecasters and university atmospheric science teachers.