How Can You Verify a Person's College Degree?


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Human resources managers and others who need to verify a person's college degree can do so by calling the school, searching for the school online and asking the person for proof of the degree. This will ensure that the person received a legitimate degree from an accredited school rather than one from a diploma mill, states the Federal Trade Commission.

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How Can You Verify a Person's College Degree?
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The following steps can be used to verify a person's degree:

  1. Call the school
  2. Most college registrars will confirm that someone received a degree from that school, as well as the dates of attendance and graduation, when asked. Some will also provide transcripts with permission by the student.

  3. Research the school online
  4. Calling a school does not confirm that the school is accredited. Check that the school has been accredited on its website or through the United States Department of Education database. Also check the Council for Higher Education Accreditation to ensure that the school has been accredited by a legitimate organization.

  5. Ask person for proof
  6. If the information received from the school or online is not satisfactory, ask the person for proof that the degree was received and is legitimate. Information can include a copy of the certified transcript and the school's accreditation.

This to watch out for when verifying a person's college degree is a degree earned in too short of a time, out-of-sequence degrees and sound-alike names.

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