How Can You Use Free Skeleton Pictures for Homeschooling?


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Free skeleton pictures can be used to teach the skeletal system to children of any age in homeschooling lessons. There are a variety of skeletons available to study from pictures, and many ways to study them.

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Pictures of animal and human skeletons can be used to teach about the skeletal system. The teaching points should be chosen based on the age, ability, and interest of the child being home schooled.

Teaching points based on the pictures include the names of bones, how and where they connect to other bones, and their locations in the body. The skeletal system interacts with and supports other vital systems, so pictures of the skeleton can be used to discuss how the skeletal system protects organs and interacts with other body systems to help a human or animal live.

Pictures can be used to compare and contrast the skeletal systems of two related species, such as horses and donkeys, or two mostly unrelated species, such as cats and humans. Skeleton pictures can also be used to compare skeletons at various ages of development. Try looking at a newborn before the bones fuse, a teenager going through growth spurts, a healthy adult, and an elderly person whose bones may be thinning to see the contrasts and similarities.

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