How Can You Use Reading Worksheets to Help Students?


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Teachers and parents can use reading worksheets to help students identify themes, improve reading comprehension, critically think about lessons or the moral within a story and understand the basis of characters. Reading worksheets also help beginning readers learn letters, words, shapes and colors.

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Reading worksheets are typically used in the classroom to test or measure a student's understanding of the overall story and to practice reading comprehension. Teachers can use reading worksheets to prompt students to write and reflect on the main theme of the story or the life lesson the author is portraying. Worksheets can include questions about the main idea of the story, matching exercises to define primary terms within the reading or short answer reflection prompts to encourage students to think critically about the overall meaning or message of the story.

Reading worksheets can also prompt readers to think about what they can learn from the experiences of the characters involved in the story or whether or not the actions of the characters were right or wrong. The prompts used on reading worksheets can also help students develop theories about behaviors or actions, leading to a class discussion about morals or life lessons. Students can also gain practice identifying common themes used by authors. For example, if a teacher assigns two stories by the same author, reading worksheets may prompt students to look for similarities in themes, writing style and character development.

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