How Can You Use a Printable Learning Styles Test?


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Printable learning styles tests can be read aloud by parents and teachers as students mark answers; at the end of the assessment, answers are tallied and scored to reveal a student's learning style, according to Concordia University. These simple tests are designed to assess how students absorb knowledge based upon their own personal preferences.

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Tests consist of anywhere from 10 to 60 questions, depending upon the age of the student. Some tests have yes-or-no answers, while others contain multiple-choice questions. Older students are able to read their own assessments and write answers independently, obviating the need for teachers to read questions aloud to a large group.

The goal of discovering a student's learning style is to help parents and teachers tailor lessons to children in order to facilitate academic engagement. When a pupil is interested in schoolwork, it becomes easier to learn and retain knowledge.

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