How Can You Use Your Practice Test Results to Score High on the ASVAB?

How Can You Use Your Practice Test Results to Score High on the ASVAB?

Practice tests for the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, allow prospective military recruits to identify problem areas and subjects in which they might need to improve. After a student takes a practice test, he or she can review the results and determine where his or her weaknesses lie.

The Military website and other resources online also offer study guides and other materials to help students prepare for the ASVAB.

  1. Take multiple practice tests
  2. Practice tests acclimate students to the ASVAB and enable them to identify consistent areas of weakness. Taking multiple tests gives students more data from which to ascertain weaknesses in specific subject areas.

  3. Concentrate studies on weak areas
  4. The ASVAB consists of eight sections: general science, paragraph comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, electronics information, mathematics knowledge, mechanical comprehension, auto and shop information and word knowledge. Students might score better in some areas than others on practice tests, which identifies the subjects that are most difficult for them.

  5. Take additional practice tests
  6. Students can take one practice test, study weak subjects and take additional practice tests. The more they prepare for the official ASVAB exam, the higher they are likely to score. The ASVAB is an important exam for anyone who intends to enlist in the United States military.