How Can You Use Pinnacle Viewer to See Your Child's Grades?

Parents can log in to Pinnacle Internet Viewer with the student’s number and PIN code to access the Grade Summary report and see their child’s grades. The student’s number is printed on report cards, progress reports and schedules, and the PIN code is the student's date of birth in 6-digit format.

With Pinnacle Internet Viewer, parents can check their child’s current academic performance, attendance records and assignments as soon as teachers post them. The Grade Summary section provides a snapshot of the student’s courses and grades. Parents can click on the course name to view details about the course and its objectives. They can also click on each grade to navigate to the student’s assignment report for that course. On the Assignments page, parents can view details of overdue, current and future assignments, along with teachers’ comments, if any.

Pinnacle includes an email notification option to deliver grade reports and assignment details to parents through email. With this feature, parents can specify a particular grade threshold for their child. If the grade drops or rises beyond this threshold, they receive an email.

Other features of Pinnacle Internet Viewer include teacher email addresses, learning resources and schedules. Parents can access Pinnacle from a computer or a mobile device.