What Can You Use Free Handwriting Worksheets to Teach?


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Handwriting worksheets are primarily used to teach letter formation and to help children hone their fine motor skills. These worksheets come in a variety of designs and formats, from single word to paragraph worksheets, but they all reinforce the basics of handwriting.

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Students learn basic handwriting skills in elementary school by various means, including completing handwriting worksheets. Mastery of handwriting can benefit a student in several ways, such as improvements in reading and spelling skills, increased motivation to write and ease of learning more advanced subjects. Note taking is a common requirement in advanced forms of education and having handwriting skills boosts students' abilities to properly transcribe lectures and lesson content and to make their own notes for further study.

Understanding handwriting skills prepares young students for several activities that are key to success in Language Arts, which is a core requirement for advanced education. Handwriting worksheets are useful in helping students to develop and understand these skills, and they are therefore a basic component of an elementary student's journey to become literate. This basis is necessary before students begin to approach and comprehend advanced subjects, including those required for higher education. The more students practice these worksheets, the better their understanding of handwriting will be, and the better their chances of future success in education.

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