How Can You Use Funbrain Math to Help Your Child Learn?

How Can You Use Funbrain Math to Help Your Child Learn?

Funbrain has a math arcade consisting of 25 free online math games. These educational games encourage learning while having fun. They accentuate existing math skills and help develop new ones.

Your child can access the Funbrain math arcade on the Funbrain website. After asking whether they are a boy or girl and the grade they are in, the website presents game icons that the child chooses from.

There is a game called Bumble Numbers game features dandelions with math equations. When the child moves the bumble bee close to the cloud, the cloud blows the answer into the air and the child has to pick the dandelion with the equation that fits the answer.

Another game is Math Baseball. The child is presented with a math problem. She enters their answer and hit 'swing'. If the answer is wrong, she receives an out. As in baseball, three outs causes her to lose the game. If the answer is correct, Funbrain gives her a single, double, triple or home run hit. The hit given depends on the difficulty of the math problem. Once the child enters all of the correct answers and wins the game, she advances to play the next game.

The challenge of the arcade is to win all 25 games. As the child enjoys the game and has fun, she learns and develops math skills.