How Can You Use Duolingo to Learn English?


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Use Duolingo to learn English by registering a profile on the company website or downloading the Duolingo app to your mobile device. After accessing Duolingo, select the language you speak, and then select the English course from the list of available courses. After selecting the course, improve your English abilities by working through the lessons on a regular basis.

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Most Duolingo courses use a pre-test to determine a user's ability prior to beginning the course. This feature allows users with greater language proficiency to skip unnecessary course material.

Duolingo lessons use a variety of techniques to teach language. Common lessons include matching a picture to a word or phrase, basic translations and matching exercises. Users with microphones can take lessons that require them to read phrases and words out loud, which the program then analyzes for correctness. Duolingo's creators make the exercises feel like games to prevent learners from becoming bored.

Each Duolingo course has an associated power bar. The first time a learner completes a course, the power bar is completely full and remains so for a short time. However, after a little while, the bar lowers, and the user must practice material from that lesson to refill it. The more times a user fills the power bar, the slower the bar decreases. This feature allows learners to progress into new material while ensuring they retain a firm grasp on earlier concepts.

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