How Can You Use "aesthetic" in a Sentence?

An example of a sentence using the word "aesthetic" is, "The man used installed hardwood floors for aesthetic reasons rather than practical purpose." The word "aesthetic" has to do with beauty. This sentence is suggests that the man installed hardwood floors to make the room look a certain way, even if it not the most practical or functional choice.

It is important to understand that, although the word "aesthetic" is related to beauty and art, it should not necessarily be used in place of words such as "beautiful" or "artistic." explains this distinction well, using the example of a painting. In describing a painting, a good sentence would be, "The painting is beautiful." But the sentence, "The painting is aesthetic" would not be the best use of the word "aesthetic." It would be better to say, "The painting adds to the aesthetic features of the room."

Keep in mind that "beautiful" and "artistic" are both adjectives, and they are close enough in meaning to be considered synonyms. However, "beautiful" is often used to describe something that can be seen or heard, such as objects, people, scenery or music. "Aesthetic," on the other hand, is often used to describe something that cannot directly be seen or heard, such as "value," "appeal," "features," "characteristics" or "reasons."