Where Can You Find Typing Lessons for Children Online?

Where Can You Find Typing Lessons for Children Online?

Sense-lang, Typing.com, Fun to Type and ABCya! are just a few of the many online typing lessons suggested by Mama OT. Children of all ages can opt for traditional keyboard practice or learn with typing games.

Sense-lang offers a more traditional approach to keyboarding. Lessons begin very simply and increase in difficulty with the child's learning speed. This free website includes tips to help children progress and learn proper technique. It also provides typing practice using a variety of keyboard styles.

Typing.com takes an interactive approach to traditional typing lessons. Children start with basic information and progress through learning stages. Beginner stages teach them about keyboard navigation. Intermediate stages incorporate grammar and punctuation. Advanced courses encourage skill and accuracy.

Fun to Type makes learning fun for children who enjoy games instead of the traditional learning style. Children can choose the type of game they enjoy most by playing Type-a-Balloon, Keyboard Ninja or Fire Rescue Typer.

ABCya! offers a variety of educational games, including fun typing lessons for younger children enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grade. This website has games such as Keyboard Zoo, Typing Race and Cup Stack Typing. Children who prefer puzzles over games can practice keyboard skills while creating their own word search puzzles.