Where Can You Take Typing Lessons?

Where Can You Take Typing Lessons?

There are many online resources including TypingClub.com, Typing-Lessons.org, Sense-Lang.org and Typing.com that offer free typing lesson and courses. These websites are free to use and offer not only lessons, but practices, tests and games.

TypingClub.com is a site dedicated to typing lessons. The site features 14 lessons. The successful completion of each lesson unlocks the following one. The site also tracks users' typing statistics including total time spent typing, daily time spent practicing, highest words per minute, or wpm, and total progress percentage.

Typing-Lessons.org is a free to use website that offers a writing course broken up into three sections. The first section deals with preliminaries such as ergonomics and resting finger placement. The second section is typing lessons including the home row, bottom row and numbers. The third section consists of typing exercises such as dexterity development.

Sense-Lang.org offers keyboard tutorials and typing tests. There are 16 lessons with the option of choosing from a variety of keyboards including "QWERTY," the Dvorak keyboard, Colemak keyboard and several others. The site includes typing exercises based on the British Broadcasting Company's news features. There are also typing guidelines and games.

Typing.com offers typing lessons broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced lesson types. The site also features practices including using the Dvorak keyboard, alphanumeric entry and paragraph practice.