Where Can You Find Some Typing Games for School Children?


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As of 2015, the Free Training Tutorial, SlimeKids and ABCya! are teacher-created websites that offer typing games for children of all ages. The Vocabulary.co.il website also contains games that test keyboarding skills.

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Where Can You Find Some Typing Games for School Children?
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Typing games provide an entertaining, interactive method of reinforcing proper form when teaching touch typing basics to children. The wide variety of games tests different aspects of skill-building, helping children strengthen their typing technique, speed and accuracy. Since young children with smaller hands typically lack the dexterity and range to reach all of the keys on the keyboard, many early-childhood games have a slow pace and focus on single-key actions, such as matching the correct letter or learning the home row.

Games for older kids usually require typing entire words, sentences or paragraphs, and allow children to choose a compatible speed or reading level. More advanced games also encourage children to improve their concentration, coordination and keyboarding technique because many levels have time limitations, fast-paced action and moving elements coming from multiple directions. At the highest levels, children are challenged to balance accuracy with speed.

To keep children interested, typing games are set in fun, whimsical settings, such as zoos, haunted mansions, racetracks or outer space. Education-oriented websites also appeal to teachers by combining keyboarding skills with other age-appropriate concepts, such as colors, animals or numbers.

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