Where Can You Take a Typing Course Online?


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Online typing courses are offered at a variety of websites, such as Sense-Lang, Alfa Typing and Speed Typing Online. The courses offered range from basic keyboard knowledge to speed typing courses.

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Where Can You Take a Typing Course Online?
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The Sense-Lang website provides free typing lessons that includes an animated keyboard layout and typing tutor graphic hands. The hand graphics teach users how to properly use the keyboard and correct mistakes right away. The difficulty level gradually raises from the initial lesson that uses only two characters to the last lesson that uses the entire keyboard. The lessons include the standard QWERTY keyboard, as well as Dvorak, Colemak, UK QWERTY and various other keyboards.

The Alpha Typing website provides a free online practice and lesson plan using the QWERTY keyboard layout. The site has over 60 lessons, including fun typing games. The site is free, but users must sign up in order to begin any of the available courses. In addition to the standard lessons, the site offers speed tests that test touch typing, numbers and symbols, expert touch typing and professional touch typing skills.

The Speed Typing Online website offers lessons and practice games to increase the muscle memory and develop speed and accuracy. There are multiple learning methods, including the classic and the row method. The classic method teaches through repetition of random keys, while the row method teaches typing by using a specific row of letters on the keyboard.

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