Where Can You Find Translations of Ecce Romani II?

Where Can You Find Translations of Ecce Romani II?

Full translations of "Ecce Romani II" are available from EcceRomaniTranslations.org; limited translations are available from Pearson's own "Ecce Romani II" website. In addition to translations, EcceRomaniTranslaitons.org provides selected readings and additional Latin texts to its users.

Translations on EcceRomaniTranslations.org are arranged according to the chapter numbers and titles in the Pearson "Ecce Romani II" textbook. Keep in mind that Pearson periodically changes the arrangement and names of chapters in new editions of "Ecce Romani II," while most of the actual chapter content remains the same.

EcceRomaniTranslations.org also has full chapter translations for content from the first "Ecce Romani" textbook. The site does not provide any "Ecce Romani III" translations, but the site's creators do offer suggestions on resources for finding translations.

The site only has freely available translations of Latin passages from the textbook. The site has solutions to problem sets from both "Ecce Romani I" and "II"; however, accessing these resources requires completing a survey from one of the site's sponsors.

Sample exercises with solutions are available free of charge from Pearson's "Ecce Romani II" student website. These exercises are interactive web applications that require the user to answer one or more questions. After submitting her answers, the website checks them and gives the student a report of which questions she got correct or incorrect.