How Can You Translate English to Spanish?

How Can You Translate English to Spanish?

How Can You Translate English to Spanish? freely provides English to Spanish translation using voice or text input. Other free translation options include and, which offer text input only. One free option on mobile devices is the Spanish English Translator app.

To use Google Translate, select English from the options above the left text box and Spanish in the options above the right box. Type an English sentence into the box on the left, click Translate, and Spanish text appears in the box on the right. The microphone symbol in the left box enables audio English input and the same icon in the right box provides a spoken translation of your sentence in Spanish.

With, type English or Spanish into the main search box, then click Translate to receive a text conversion of your full sentence, as well as word-by-word translation. To hear your Spanish sentence aloud, click the speaker icon.

Using, select English in the drop down box on the left and Spanish in the box on the right, then click Translate. Your converted Spanish sentence appears in the text box under the Translate button.

To use the Spanish English Translator application on mobile devices, download and install the app from the Google Play store onto your device. Enter English into the top box of the application, or tap the microphone icon in the top box to speak English into your device. Tap the To Spanish button at the bottom right of the app to translate it. Tap the speaker icon to hear the translated sentence aloud.