How Can You Translate Arabic Text to English Text?


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Translate Arabic text into English by entering the Arabic text into Google Translate or FreeTranslation.com. With either website, select Arabic as the originating language and English as the target, then click Translate. The equivalent English text appears in the box to the left.

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As of November 2015, Google Translate supports translation between 91 languages from around the world. The Arabic input box of the website allows typed words, featuring a virtual keyboard with the marhaban script. The user can also turn on a handwriting option that allows the user to paint the words with a computer mouse or finger on a touchscreen device. The website also receives speech input from a connected and activated microphone. Beyond this, Google Translate reads back the input or output text by selecting the speaker icon in either box.

FreeTranslation.com operates similarly to Google Translate but features fewer input languages and a limited number of output languages, dependent on the particular input language chosen. Arabic, for example, can only be output to English, French and Spanish, as of 2015. The website has a virtual keyboard, but it operates in the Latin alphabet. Users can upload an entire text document to the site for complete translation. File formats such as DOC, PPT, ODT, PDF and TXT are supported for this function. The translation is viewed but can also be emailed, spoken or printed.

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