How Can You Trace Someone's Name for Free?


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The Internet Surname Database allows for general history to be researched about specific last names. MyHeritage Genealogy search allows for a more detailed research site and uses last and first names to search public records for information and photos about specific people.

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The Internet Surname Database provides detailed historical facts about the origin and development of common last names. The country of origin is often provided, in addition to the original meaning of the name. Changes or mutations to the original spelling of the name are provided as well. The Internet Surname Database also has links to DNA testing sites and family tree builder sites.

MyHeritage Genealogy SuperSearch is a more precise tool to use to research names in historical records. This database searches through over five billion public records, using first and last names. Other information can be inputted into the SuperSearch, such as date of birth, location of the individual and keywords. Keywords can include professions or events associated with the individual. MyHeritage Genealogy has categories to help the user narrow down his name search. Location can be further specified by continent or by specifying what country's census should be searched. MyHeritage also provides its own family tree generator and has links to outside DNA testing sites.

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