Can You Take a TOEFL Test Online?

Can You Take a TOEFL Test Online?

The TOEFL test cannot be taken online. While Educational Testing Service describes the TOEFL as an Internet-based test, it can only be completed at a supervised test center approved by ETS.

You can locate a nearby test center and find a testing date at the ETS website by creating a TOEFL iBT account and registering for a test. Registration can also be completed by phone, via mail or in person at a test center.

You can also browse a list of test centers for every country the TOEFL is offered in. This database displays information on the cities the test centers are located in, the test format (Internet- or paper-based test), the fees in U.S. dollars, and the next test dates.

Please be advised that all the details in this database are subject to change, and ETS recommends registering for a test by creating a TOEFL account to receive the most up-to-date information about test centers and locations. The addresses of test centers are only accessible by registering for the test with a TOEFL account.

The ETS website also offers registration for the paper-based format of the test; however this is currently being phased out. The PBT is only offered in countries where stable Internet access is not available.