How Can Think Central K-6 Go Math Help Students Learn?

Think Central is only a teaching resource and login system that delivers the Go Math! program to students in the K-6 classroom. The actual Go Math! program itself helps students by providing in-depth details, prompts and content presented in a context that is relevant to the students' lives.

Go Math!, a product from a joint Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and New York City Department of Education team, uses scientific research and practicality to present math in a comprehensible manner. The program follows the policies set forth by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and is considered up to date as of May 2015. Students use Think Central to access Go Math! via a user-friendly interface, which then provides them with visual learning support. Educators then give their students a lesson plan to complement the context-based math problems and lesson sets from Go Math!

An added benefit to the Go Math! program is that it requires students to write and reason in a coherent manner. This results in an improvement to written communication skills as well as mathematics skills. Think Central also provides support for Reading and Language Arts, including Spanish, for the K-6 curriculum.