Where Can You Find Test Results for Birdville Schools?

Where Can You Find Test Results for Birdville Schools?

Test results for Birdville schools can be found on the Birdville school district official website. The site offers comprehensive test results and the accountability background forthe school district.

Birdville Independent School District, or BISD, operates a fully comprehensive website that covers course accountability, testing, data analysis, continuous improvement and the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readinessprogram, or STAAR.

The school district emulates the Baldrige National Quality program as a model. The Baldrige program outlines a path to measure performance with criteria levels, assessment tools and training for organizations to achieve their goals.

The Texas legislature established measures to mandate the formation of an accountability system to rate school performance. The performance rating system enacted an already-in-place infrastructure for collecting student data. Previously,Texas enacted its state-wide curriculum standards which are tied to the previous assessment data collection system.

The Birdville Assessment of Knowledge and Skills program, or TAKS, was developed in 2003 to measure the campus and school district ratings for accountability. The Texas Education Agency or TEA consultedwith theSTAAR program to develop a new rating system. The result was a new accountability system that would measure a wider range of test results.

The fully enacted TEA Resources Accountability System became available in 2014. A one-page overview description is available on the website.