How Can You Test Your IQ?

Free IQ tests are available online from sites such as and IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, and IQ tests attempt to measure intelligence. They derive from standardized tests and come as a series of multiple choice questions answered under time limit.

The IQ test from has 38 true or false questions that must be answered in 13 minutes. The test from has 20 multiple choice questions to be completed in 20 minutes.

There are many kinds of IQ tests that focus on certain skills, such as verbal or mathematical skills, visual or pattern recognition skills, short-term memory, analytical thinking, and spatial orientation, according to Factors other than intelligence could affect test scores, such as facility in the English language, an educational or psychological problem and a learning or physical disability that affect how fast a tester goes through the test, states IQ tests have limitations. They cannot measure other aspects of human intelligence, such as creativity or emotional intelligence. Furthermore, though many experts positively correlate IQ scores to success in academics, career, income and social life, a high IQ score does not guarantee success in life, as it merely measures one's potential to succeed.