Where Can I Find a Template for a Guardianship Letter?

A template for a guardianship letter can be found at thecompletelawyer.com. Many sample templates can be found on law school websites, in law school libraries or on local government websites. Sample templates should be used only for educational purposes, and no legal action should be taken without professional counsel.

A legal guardian is n person who has been granted the legal authority to care for and make decisions for another person. A court may assign a legal guardian when an adult or a child's parent is deemed unfit to care for the person properly. Many states allow parents to name a guardian for their children in the event of their deaths. Such a guardian may be a trusted friend or family member. Other life circumstances, such as immigration or employment situations, that obligate a parent to be separated from her child for an extended period of time, may require a temporary transfer of guardianship.

Legal requirements vary by state, so one should ideally acquire sample letters from a source located in the same state as the guardianship case. It is important to consult a family law attorney in that state who is qualified to understand the complexities of the specific case before finalizing a legal guardianship letter, advises The Complete Lawyer.