How Can Teachers Use KidBiz3000 for Differentiated Instruction?


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Teachers use the KidBiz3000 online instruction to deliver assignments, monitor and manage learning activities for students in the second to the fifth grades. A school must be subscribed to KidBiz3000 and have separate administrator, teacher and student login accounts in order to use the differentiated instruction program.

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On the onset, a 40-minute assessment separates students into different ranges according to their reading levels. Teachers select study materials that fit their lesson plans from a list in their KidBiz3000 accounts. From the student work tab, teachers find and use specific lessons and units. They assign these essays, multiple choice questions and articles to their students through mail. They also create classes and add or remove users from class lists through the platform’s administrative tools.

KidBiz3000 allows teachers to facilitate debates and discussions in the classroom, as it brings all students together. The platform also enables teachers to deliver lessons and topics to all students at an individual level. Teachers monitor student reading levels, their learning progression and their scores in essays and quizzes. Through KidBiz3000, teachers know how often students log in to the program, whether within or outside the school. How students perform on standardized tests enables teachers to know if the students are ready for a career.

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