How Can Teachers Use Images in the Classroom?

can-teachers-use-images-classroom Credit: Vstock LLC/VStock/Getty Images

Teachers can use images to start discussions, to illustrate lessons, in assignments and as classroom decor. Types of images to use include artwork, diagrams, charts, infographics and student work.

Showing a photo or drawing at the start of a discussion or lesson can engage students in the topic. The teacher can briefly talk about the image, then ask students questions about it to guide discussion.

Using images to illustrate lessons helps keep students interested in the lesson and can make abstract concepts more concrete and real. The teacher can present a slide show or provide an illustrated handout for students to look at as she teaches the lesson.

Photos can serve as creative writing prompts. Math worksheets can include drawings of shapes or items to add together, or charts for statistics problems. Students can create or label diagrams for science assignments. The class can capture a group project in a photo diary.

Images can decorate a classroom and also provide instruction. A bulletin board can teach sight reading with labeled images of a theme such as weather words. It can also display a timeline of historical events or showcase student work.