What Can Teachers Do When Kids Can't Read?


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When students can’t read, teachers can provide opportunities for students to learn to read, modify assignments and provide reading support. Teachers should recognize that most school subjects require reading and plan for intervention in each subject.

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Teachers can help students learn to read by providing written instructions and then reading them out loud, as the non-reader follows along. Keep the instructions short so he can memorize them. Fill the room with posters and other text and continually reference them so students gain sight word vocabulary. Modify assignments that require reading in other subjects, such as math. Provide math work that does not require reading or have a helper available to read problems to the student.

Allow the student to listen to books on tape and write stories verbally. Then, transcribe his work for him. Reading his written work will give him another opportunity to gain reading skills. Pair students together or in groups for reading heavy subjects, such as social studies and science. Other students can provide support for the struggling reader. Place the non-reader in the front of the room so that the teacher can walk by and quietly read instructions to the student. Do not require the non-reader to read aloud during any subject or call on him to read in front of the class.

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