How Can a Teacher Use a Cause and Effect Template in the Classroom?


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Cause and effect templates can be used as visual thinking tools to show how two events are related, as well as to help teach students how to make their own predictions. Cause and effect templates organize events in a way that make them easier for students to comprehend.

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How Can a Teacher Use a Cause and Effect Template in the Classroom?
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Understanding the difference between cause and effect is a crucial academic skill. Cause and effect diagrams are effective when teaching historical concepts, such as analyzing how a series of events lead to a war between two countries. For younger students, cause and effect diagrams can be used to show how an event occurs, such as a volcanic eruption or the extinction of a species.

A cause and effect diagram can be organized in many different ways depending on the subject being covered; thus, a cause and effect diagram may have multiple causes with one effect or one cause with multiple effects. By using a cause and effect diagram, students can visualize the difference between the two. Teachers can branch off of cause and effect diagrams in a number of ways to further students' knowledge, such as by having them analyze the root cause or write an essay about the impact a specific event had on the world.

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