How Can a Teacher Make a PowerPoint for School?

How Can a Teacher Make a PowerPoint for School?

The first step for a teacher making a PowerPoint for his school is to obtain access to the PowerPoint program. After opening the program, click on the two boxes within the blank page to add a title and subtitle to your presentation.

The default title and subtitle boxes can be deleted, and you can insert images or rearrange the position of the word boxes. Delete boxes by highlighting them and then clicking Delete. Insert images by clicking Insert on the menu and then selecting Picture. Find the desired image on your hard drive, and add it to the presentation. The image can be moved around the page and re-sized by clicking on the edges of the image and moving the mouse while holding the button down.

To add a new slide, click on the Insert menu and select New Slide. This new slide can be customized in the same manner by using the Insert menu to add text boxes or images.

To make the PowerPoint appear more professional, click on Format and then select Slide Design. The right side then fills with different designs for your slides. Clicking on each allows you to preview how it makes your slides look. These designs can be altered at any time.

Examine your finished product by clicking on View and selecting Slide Show. Exit the slide show by clicking the Escape key and then saving the presentation when you are satisfied.