Where Can You Take Tattooing Courses?


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Tattooing courses can be taken at the World's Only Tattoo School. In just two weeks, students learn how to safely give a tattoo, put together a tattoo machine, set up and tear down a work station, and give tattoos to clients that can be inserted in their portfolio.

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World's Only Tattoo School provides a two-week Artistic Tattoo course for around $5,600, as of 2015. This cost covers an entire set of tattoo equipment and over 84 hours of one-on-one instruction with licensed tattoo artists. A total of six advanced tattoo courses are also included in the price; this adds an additional 12 weeks to training. Graduates are given their license and are guaranteed job placement once the course is completed.

Taking tattooing courses is not the normal path to becoming a tattoo artist; depending on the state, they are not even required. Those wishing to become tattoo artists should have a high school diploma or GED and put together a portfolio that flaunts their creativity and drawing ability. An apprenticeship of at least three years should be completed alongside a seasoned artist, who instructs the student on how to properly assemble and sterilize equipment and design a quality tattoo.

Health department courses concerning the prevention of blood-borne pathogens and disease transmission must be completed, and depending on the state, a license may be required and obtained after 360 hours of training and 50 successful tattoos. For states requiring licenses, tattoo artists must earn continuing education credits by taking safety seminars or courses.

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