How Can You Survive High School?

How Can You Survive High School?

Studying, having a good attitude, making the right friends and communicating with your parents are all key to surviving high school. Friends who keep you on the straight and narrow and encourage you are more likely to encourage a positive attitude. Likewise, a positive attitude is more likely to keep you focused on working hard, studying and getting good grades.

  1. Try to cultivate a positive attitude

    Having a positive outlook on life makes anything easier. If school is not a happy place for you, try to find the good by trying out new programs and after-school activities.

  2. Study hard

    Part of surviving high school is doing well academically. The key here is to carve out daily time to study. Working hard pays off. However, if studying isn't helping as much as it should, seek out a guidance counselor or school tutor. They may have tips that can help you study more efficiently.

  3. Choose your friends wisely

    Choose a good group of friends who have integrity and live their lives according to strict standards. Select friends who hold themselves to the same standards that you do.

  4. Talk to your parents

    Keeping open communication with your parents is very important. Most high school students avoid this because they feel that it is not cool, but open communication with your parents is healthy and can create an important support system in your home.