Where Can You Study Psychology?

Where Can You Study Psychology?

The website OnlinePsychologyDegrees.com is the largest hand-complied directory of psychology degree and certificate programs on the Internet. The directory currently includes over 10,000 psychology degree programs, both on-campus and online, offered from over 1,600 colleges and universities.

The website includes certificate programs, associate degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees all in the field of psychology. The user can search for a degree program by degree level, academic speciality and by state. The website also contains articles on psychology career and education topics.

The quick search feature allows the user to quickly search for a particular degree program by state. The user first selects either the "all online programs" option or a specific state. Then, the user selects the desired degree level (certificate, associates, bachelor's, etc.) and the search results will display all schools in the region that offer psychology degree programs at the selected level.

The search results will provide a list of schools, including the location of the school along with its accreditation and the programs offered. Clicking on the school name will bring the user to the school's website where information about the program can be requested.

Users are able to search each U.S. state, so regardless of where the user is interested in studying, the website will display the appropriate results.