How Can Students Use the World Book?

How Can Students Use the World Book?

Students may access more than 20,000 maps, pictures, sounds and videos of common learning phenomena from the World Book Student. In addition, the learning resource has innumerable collections of information about important people in the world.

The World Book is a universal resource for learners of all ages and grades. It features accurate information on virtually any field of knowledge including scientific, political, social and religious aspects.

While the book is written in a direct style that is easy to understand, the authors review it regularly to keep readers updated.

With the advancement of technology, students may benefit from innumerable videos and animations of certain phenomena. These resources make the comprehension of scientific facts easier for learners and better for teachers to teach. As of 2015, the World Book is available in formats for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

To make the information contained in the world more credible, the authors and editors include thousands of links to citations and references. This way, a student can click on the links and access additional details of a certain topic. The World Book has a high-performing search engine, akin to the leading commercial search engines. It also offers users pronunciation tips for various concepts and names.