How Can Students Make a Creative Timeline?

A student may want to use the imagery of a road traveling through life to make a creative timeline. In this manner, the student can depict the road winding through valleys and mountains, representing the highs and lows of life's experiences.

To make a winding road timeline, the student should first sketch the timeline out on a sheet of paper. List the significant points in his or her life, including dates and descriptions. Include things like date of birth, first day of school, awards, death of a pet or loved one, or significant injuries, such as a broken arm or leg. Note on the sketch whether these points are considered highs or lows as this will help in the final drawing.

A large sheet of craft paper is the best thing to use for a project of this size. Using the sketch and notes, the student should lay out the timeline on the craft paper. He or she should first lightly draw in the road with pencil, heading uphill for highs and dipping into the valley for lows on the timeline. Pencil in the dates and add extras such as mountains and signposts.

Once the timeline looks acceptable, it is time for the student to go over the pencil marks with permanent marker. Color can be added in by using colored pencils on the mountains and scenery in the background. Significant dates stand out if they are delineated with a box or other border.