How Can Students Locate Reliable Science Articles to Use As Project Resources?


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Students can find reliable science articles to use as project resources at Scitable, a free science library compiled by the Nature Publishing Group. Scitable describes itself as a collaborative learning space for science by the world's leading publisher of science publications.

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Scitable focuses on genetics and cell biology, including evolution, gene expression and cellular processes. Scitable also offers advice for aspiring scientists about effective science communication and career paths. Students can research science articles, get help from experts or peers and contribute content on Scitable. Blogs written by science researchers and policy-makers are also featured on Scitable.

The Scitable library contains Topic Rooms for in-depth exploration of scientific subjects and career planning. Topic Rooms have information from introductory summaries of key concepts to evidence-based readings on advanced topics. The library also contains e-books for science students on subjects including cell biology and genetics.

The library features a Spotlights section covering current issues in the news, emerging lab techniques, thought leader perspectives and governmental policy. Scitable also contains an archive of articles developed in the Knowledge Project, a collaboration of the academic scientific community to create content for high school and college students. The articles cover ecology, earth systems, environmental ethics, biological anthropology and agricultural biotechnology.

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