How Can You Stop Being Absentminded?

How Can You Stop Being Absentminded?

Absentmindedness affects most people, but if you find that it regularly causes minor problems in your life, there are ways to cope. While there is no universal cure for absentmindedness, there ways to improve your cognitive abilities and increase your alertness. Most of these remedies are simple and cost little or no money.

  1. Reduce your distractions

    Distraction is not always the culprit behind absentmindedness, but you are far more likely to forget an important task or item if you are distracted by something. Electronic devices, such as cellphones, are among the worst, so try to put them down while you are doing anything important.

  2. Practice mentally stimulating activities

    Mentally challenging tasks are a great way to keep your mind in good shape. Like your body, your mind functions better if you challenge it with various exercises. Anything from games and puzzles to reading and writing can be positive sources of mental stimulation.

  3. Maintain good physical health

    Regular exercise is another way to improve cognitive abilities. Avoid bad habits, like smoking and eating processed foods, which cause health problems and affect your mental abilities. Ingesting the right amounts of certain vitamins and nutrients promotes cognitive functioning, too. Vitamin B12 is often considered the best for these purposes.