Where Can You Find ST Math Examples Online for Free?

The Mind Research Institute offers free online samples of ST Math on its website. Visitors can go to MindResearch.org, click on the ST Math tab at the top of the page, and then click the Play link at the top of the ST Math page.

On the Play page, the user has the option of clicking the Watch button to view a video on interactive fractions and the Common Core or a Play button to try sample games. The video introduces the sample game and describes how ST Math's fraction games correspond to Common Core standards. The Play button takes users to the sample fraction game.

The game features JiJi, an animated penguin, who accompanies students throughout much of the ST Math program. The user has the option of two games. One features hot air balloons and a number line in which the user needs to find the correct fraction to place JiJi on hot air balloon. The other game features space ships where students have to add fractions. The games feature different levels.

The Mind Research Institute website lists technical requirements to run the demos. The demos work on basic PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and tablets and are compatible with recent Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers.