How Can SpellingCity Help Kids Learn How to Properly Spell New Words?


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Spelling City is an online spelling tutorial featuring games that help students learn how to spell new words through word recognition, multiple exposure and practice with word meanings. The games and activities on SpellingCity.com prompt students to reveal word and spelling patterns with flash cards, quizzes and auditory lessons.

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Students struggling with spelling new words can enhance skills with multiple exposure to a variety of words when engaging in games and activities sponsored by Spelling City. The games build awareness of how to spell words by prompting students to identify words, complete handwriting worksheets of word lists, read aloud words and sentences, and create stories using a select list of words. Auditory lessons help students pronounce words while identifying common spellings of selected words designated by an educator or parent.

Word recognition exercises on Spelling City work to increase comprehension and reading fluency as well as spelling. Students can work on automatic recall with selected words by engaging in activities that increase knowledge of letter patterns and decoding the roots of words while identifying the meaning of prefixes and suffixes. Word study games that focus on syllabus and phonetics are also available with Spelling City. Students can decode the sounds of words, identify common spellings and identify the meaning of each word, ultimately improving vocabulary development.

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