Where Can You Find Spelling and Math Games Online?


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Three websites that offer spelling and math games are Cool Math Games, Knowledge Adventure and Education.com. The games on these sites are free to play and are available for students at various grade levels. Knowledge Adventure and Cool Math Games also offer some games that can be played on mobile devices.

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Cool Math Games groups its games by math skill and type. Some of the numbers games offered involve adding numbers until reaching a specific sum or filling in missing numbers on a board. There are several games where players need to add or subtract numbers to reach a goal like beating a time record, matching numbers or shooting at items. Other games available test players' multiplication and division skills through card games and arcade games, while other games may require players to solve fractions, find the cubes of a number or run a virtual business.

Knowledge Adventure offers both spelling and math games. Some of the spelling games require players to type words correctly as they appear on the screen or correctly spell countries' capitals. Some of the site's math games use a space theme where players zap numbers to win.

Education.com has math and reading games available. The math games are basic, and some test addition and subtraction skills, the ability to sort shapes and using the place value system. The reading games may help players with basic spelling since some of them require the ability to recognize words as they appear on the screen or recognize sounds of letters.

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