Where Can Someone Find Samples for Self-Introduction Letters?

Samples of self-introduction letters are available on websites like Letters.org and WritingHelp-Central.com. Writers can also check business etiquette books for tips and advice.

A self-introduction letter is an invaluable tool that allows business people to form relationships with new clients, employees and other colleagues. A newly appointed manager, for example, should send an introduction letter to the department staff and to the company’s clients, informing them of the change in leadership and opening the door to personal communication.

A good self-introduction letter is open, professional and concise. The tone should be friendly but not overly familiar. The writer should include pertinent information, such as management skills, employment background and experience, contact information and availability. A new salesperson taking on a client’s account, for example, should explain why the change has occurred, assure the client of his or her qualifications, and invite the client to contact the salesperson with any questions or concerns.

A self-introduction letter should not be confused with a cover letter, which an employee sends a potential employer when applying for a job. Rather, self-introduction letters are used by professionals to expand their businesses and make new contacts.

Writers looking for self-introduction letter templates and samples should type “self-introduction letter” into a search engine, such as Google. This will produce countless examples applicable to almost any business situation.