How Can Someone Learn to Speak English?


A person can learn English by practicing the language consistently, studying phrases and spending time in places where English is spoken. He should avoid spending too much time studying English grammar.

Consistent practice is necessary to make progress in the language. The person should set up a routine and practice the language for at least a small amount of time per day.

After learning one phrase, a person can use that to make many different sentences. Studying phrases and vocabulary brings a person closer to fluency than only concentrating on vocabulary.

When a person spends time in English-speaking environments, he learns the language passively and actively. He learns passively by hearing other people speak English, and he learns actively because he must use his English to communicate. He should listen to both the words people say and the way they say these words. By pronouncing words the same way, he can sound more natural when he speaks.

Although grammar is important for passing English tests, it slows down a person's speaking ability. Most English speakers don't know a large amount of the grammar rules, but it doesn't impair their speaking ability. Those who focus on learning the grammar often try to create sentences based on grammar instead of speaking naturally.