How Can Someone Annotate an Article?

Unless the author is well known, people who want to annotate an article should begin by including their full name and qualifications. They should then focus on the text's main purpose and scope, while remaining concise.

  1. Include the author's name and qualifications.
  2. An annotated article should include the author's name and the qualifications that are relevant to the article itself. This can include how long they have been working in their academic field.
  3. Briefly describe the scope of the text
  4. Give a brief overview of what the text looks into. For example, "Discusses the effects of alcohol on the teenage population..."
  5. Note biases
  6. Note whether the author has any biases about their research, or the interpretation of their results. In addition, state what the biases are.
  7. Pass comment on the type of audience
  8. Give an overview of the type of audience, the audience reading level and the article's readability. This can mean stating whether it is for the general public or scholars, and how this reflects in the author's writing and presentation style.
  9. State how the article relates to other work in the field
  10. If necessary, state how the article relates to other scholars' works in the field. This can include whether it complements existing major research or contradicts it.
  11. Finish with a summary comment
  12. Make a brief summary that includes whether the author's research answers their conclusions. State why this is or is not the case.