How Can You Be Smarter?

How Can You Be Smarter?

Some ways to improve intelligence include using online time for intellectual pursuits, playing games that stimulate brain activity, spending time with smart people, and reading frequently. Intelligence is not a fixed quality, and research shows that productive habits and activities can help improve mental capacity.

The Internet is filled with a range of entertaining distractions, but it can also be a source of knowledge. When browsing online, try to make time for more intellectually stimulating activities in addition to funny videos and social networking. Free online courses, Ted Talks and stimulating articles all make for more worthwhile uses of time spent online.

Improving intelligence still leaves room for fun, however. Board games and puzzles provide amusement while simultaneously working out the brain. Games such as Scrabble and chess are obvious brain boosters, but even simpler titles such as Connect 4 can help improve memory and reasoning skills.

Spending time with intelligent people is another way to increase intelligence. Although it may be humbling, associating with smarter people allows one to be exposed to a variety of thoughts and opinions he wouldn't otherwise encounter.

Reading is another obvious tactic to increase intelligence, but its importance can't be underestimated. Reading everything from the daily newspaper to literature and nonfiction is one of the most efficient ways to build a well-honed and well-informed mind.