Where Can You Sell a Used Health Class Textbook?

Used health class textbooks can be sold online. Websites such as Amazon.com, cash4book.net and chegg.com all offer students the ability to sell their used textbooks, including health textbooks, online.

The best way to see if the specific textbook is currently being purchased by any of these sites is with the International Standard Book Number or ISBN. This number identifies the book and edition. Typically this number is listed either on the back of the book or in the first few pages. Typing this number into any of the sites listed above will quickly indicate where the book can be sold.

It is important to time the book sale carefully. At the end of the academic term, many students are trying to sell used textbooks. As a result, individuals who sell their books at a different time are more likely to get a better price. The amount of money each site offers for a specific book varies. Thus, it is important to check out the offers for the specific health textbook on multiple sites. While it is typically not too challenging to find a place to sell used textbooks, it is common for the selling price to be quite low. Students almost never make back the money invested in the original purchase of the textbook.