Where Can I See Some Samples of Written Biography Online?

The websites Biography.com, InfoPlease.com and Ducksters.com provide biographies of a wide variety of people. Biography.com offers different browsing categories, including Nostalgia, History & Culture and Crime & Scandal. Its search toolbar allows users to seek particular biographies. The Biography.com homepage features a random selection of famous people, including Geronimo, President Harry S. Truman and Niecy Nash. The site breaks the biographies into sections, including Early Life and Career.

InfoPlease.com is an online encyclopedia that offers thousands of biographies of famous people. Search biographies by category, including Arts and Entertainment and Science and Technology. This site also has an option to search for biographies by race; users can browse famous African Americans, American Indians and Hispanic Americans. Other features on the site include links to history time lines and history quizzes.

LibrarySpot.com is a reference site that links users to websites that offer written biographies. Choose the link of a specific site or select a group of sites using a particular search category, such as Athletes or Authors. Selecting Athletes brings up results such as sport halls of fame.

LetRug.nl contains biographies specific to U.S. history, beginning with the American Revolution. The site organizes its biographies alphabetically by last name and provides images of each famous person. Some of its biographies are broken into different linked sections; for example, section headers for John Adams include Childhood and Education and Early Career.