Where Can You Search for Surnames According to Ethnicity?


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Surnames can be searched according to ethnicity on the websites for Behind the Name and Family Education, as of March 2015. Each site allows a user to perform a search for a specific surname or browse surnames by their country of origin.

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From the Behind the Name home page, a user can perform a search or place his cursor over Names to bring up a drop-down menu. Click on Browse Surnames to view surnames from a specific country. European surnames have the most categories on Behind the Name, but the site also has categories for surnames from other parts of the world, such as Africa and Japan. Behind the Name also lists the most popular surnames in different areas of the world.

From the Family Education home page, a user can place his cursor over Pregnancy and click on Baby Name on the drop-down menu. He can then perform a search or click on Browse Last Names by Origin to bring up a list of origin countries for surnames. Clicking on any country brings up an alphabetized list of surnames from that country, and clicking on the surname brings up more information about it. Family Education also includes information on naming trends and the most popular baby names for boys and girls.

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