Where Can You Find a Score Chart for the PSA Test?


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MedicineNet.com, a website operated by WebMD, provides a chart of healthy PSA concentration values based on age and race. The normal range of PSA concentration values is 1.0 to 4.0 nanograms per milliliter, but the normal range tends to increase with age.

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From the MedicineNet homepage, click on the "Diseases and Conditions" link on the top navigational bar, and then click "Procedures A-Z." Under "Search for a Procedure or Test by Letter," click "P", and then scroll down to "Prostate Specific Antigen." Click on either of the two links shown with this name. After the list of authors is a list of links to pages in the article; click on the link titled "What are age-specific reference ranges for serum PSA?" to view a list of normal PSA values based on age and race, or click the link titled "What are normal results for the PSA test?" for general information on normal PSA values.

The other links in this article provide readers with additional information about the PSA test. These other sections discuss such topics as how the test is performed, what different PSA values mean, and what medical steps individuals may need to take if their PSA concentration values are not within healthy limits.

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