How Can You Get Help for Science Tests?


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Students can get help with preparing for science tests by compiling questions for their science teacher, working with tutors or staff from an academic center or studying with peer groups to review commonly asked test questions. Online resources also provide help for students preparing for science tests with handouts, worksheets and test generators that allow students to create their own quizzes based on the curriculum.

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Students can also access additional help with science tests by visiting the textbook publisher's website. Publishers commonly provide practice test questions, supplemental study materials and worksheets for students to complete. Students preparing for high-school level science tests can acquire help on websites that focus on ACT or SAT science questions. The review materials include interactive flash cards, test questions and video tutorials to assist students with understanding chemical formulas, scientific reasoning, theories and lab procedures.

Students preparing for science tests can follow study tips to improve their performance. Common study tips include spacing out the information and studying small bits of the curriculum at a time. Students should also try to create word associations to remember the spelling and meaning of vocabulary words. Writing out terms and theories also helps students commit the information to memory.

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